Professional Development for Teachers, Classroom Learning for Students and Independent Learners

In-Person workshops and Online PD Courses for Teachers

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Our Workshops and Online PD Courses will get you started incorporating Video Game Design into existing classroom curriculum.

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Engage, Enrich & Motivate Your Students

CLASSROOM LEARNING: Creating Video Games will enrich curriculum content, engage students in subject matter and appeal to a range of students…

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Students and Independent Learners can follow our Online Tutorials

INDEPENDENT LEARNERS: Getting kids started designing their own games and producing animations will spur independant learners to follow up with independent research. We can help them kick start and then continue to pursue their interests by pointing them in the direction of more quality online (and free) resources.

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Artech Academy uses the Next Generation Learning Systems, an exclusive teaching methodology, that equips Teachers with the tools to incorporate Video Game design into existing classroom curriculum.